The ITER project and Belgium


The goal of the Belgian ITER coordination unit is to optimally inform Belgian companies concerning the ITER project and to involve them in its realisation. This international investment project in the South of France concerns the construction of an experimental nuclear fusion reactor. The coordination unit also fulfils the role of Belgian Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO) within the ITER ILO network. The coordination unit provides explanation with respect to the Belgian participation in ITER. It ensures international harmonisation of the efforts and promotes the possible participation of Belgian companies in international consortia for ITER projects... Read more...

The ITER project

ITER projectThe ITER project is an international Research and Development Project whose goal is to demonstrate the scientific and technical feasibility of nuclear fusion as a future source of useable energy on earth. Read more

Belgian companies

Belgian companies wishing to offer their products and services within the framework of the ITER project can register online in the EFDA industrial databank.

ITER organisations use this databank as an important channel for... Read more